There Is Only Consciousness

September 27th ~ There is in fact only one state, not two states such as the conscious and unconscious; there is only a state of being, which is consciousness, though you may divide it as the conscious and the unconscious.  But that consciousness is always of the past, never of the present; you are conscious only of things that are over. 
You are conscious of what I am trying to convey the second afterwards, are you not?  You understand it a moment later.  You are never conscious or aware of the now.  Watch your own hearts and minds and you will see that consciousness is functioning between the past and the future and that the present is merely a passage of the past to the future…

If you watch your own mind at work, you will see that the movement to the past and to the future is a process in which the present is not.  Either the past is a means of escape from the present, which may be unpleasant, or the future is a hope away from the present.  So the mind is occupied with the past or with the future and sloughs off the present…It either condemns and rejects the fact or accepts and identifies itself with the fact.  Such a mind is obviously not capable of seeing any fact as a fact.  That is, our state of consciousness, which is conditioned by the past and our thought, is the conditioned response to the challenge of a fact; the more you respond according to the conditioning of belief, of the past, the more there is strengthening of the past.  

That strengthening of the past is obviously the continuity of itself, which it calls the future.  So that is the state of our mind, of our consciousness–a pendulum swinging back and forwards between the past and the future.

I recently attended a Dream Yoga and he mentioned the dream state and awakened state are both experiences where it is like “a dream.”  The difference is that in dreams, there is no concepts or thought.  I think this is why it is hard to remember our dreams.  But awakened state is still a dream, but with concepts.  

I was always frustrated with observing my thought since I was always a step behind.  Krishnamurti is saying this is always the case.  


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