Intellect Will Not Solve Our Problems

September 4th ~ Most of us are so unconcerned with this extraordinary universe about us; we never even see the waving of the leaf in the wind; we never watch a blade of grass, touch it with our hand and know the quality of its being.  This is not just being poetic, so please do not go off into a speculative, emotional state.  I say it is essential to have that deep feeling for life and not be caught in intellectual ramifications, discussions, passing examinations, quoting and brushing something new aside by saying it has already been said.  Intellect is not the way.  Intellect will not solve our problems; the intellect will not give us that nourishment which is imperishable.  The intellect can reason, discuss, analyze, come to a conclusion from inferences, and so on, but intellect is limited, for intellect is the result of our conditioning.  But sensitivity is not.  Sensitivity has no conditioning; it takes you right out of the field of fears and anxieties. . . . We spend our days and years in cultivating the intellect, in arguing, discussing, fighting, struggling to be something, and so on.  And yet this extraordinarily wonderful world, this earth that is so rich–not the Bombay earth, the Punjab earth, the Russian earth, or the American earth–this earth is ours, yours and mine, and that is not sentimental nonsense; it is a fact.  But unfortunately we have divided it up through our pettiness, through our provincialism.  And we know why we have done it–for our security, for better jobs and more jobs.  That is the political game played throughout the world, and so we forget to be human beings, to live happily on this earth that is ours, and to make something of it.

November 2nd, 2019 ~ I don’t know about you but that gut feeling capitalism and work wasn’t going to do it for me came pretty early in my professional life.  It seemed fake and contrived.  Deep down, I knew this didn’t feel right.  Maybe it was easier for me, since finding work that fit my skills wasn’t easy.  Now, it comes much quicker.  I know that spirituality can give me what excessive work can’t.  I am not against work and success.   Intellect will not solve our problems.  Technology won’t solve our problems, as Albert Low says in Zen & Creative Management.  K says: “. . . . for intellect is the result of our conditioning.”  It is appealing.  It is attractive.  It has momentum.  It is a challenge to step back and see what is really going on.  To just notice what is happening now.  Nothing fancy.  No quick fixes.  But freer.  


As in most posts on, italicization of words refers to the words of either Jiddu Krishnamurti or Albert Low.  The website writer’s words are in regular text.

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