Face the Fact

August 23rd ~ I’m in sorrow.  Psychologically, I’m terribly disturbed; and I have an idea about it: what I should do, what I should not do, how it should be changed.  That idea, that formula, that concept prevents me from looking at the fact of what is.  Ideation and the formula are escapes from what is.  There is immediate action when there is great danger.  Then you have no idea.  You don’t formulate an idea and then act according to that idea.  

The mind has become lazy, indolent, through a formula which has given it a means of escape from action with regard to what is.  Seeing for ourselves the whole structure of what has been said, not because it has been pointed out to us, is it possible to face the fact: the fact that we are violent, as an example?  We are violent human beings, and we have chosen violence as the way of life–war and all the rest of it.  The idea of nonviolence is an idea, which can be used politically.  That’s a different meaning, but it is an idea, and not a fact.  Because the human being is incapable of meeting the fact of violence, he has invented the ideal of nonviolence, which prevents him from dealing with the fact.

After all, the fact is that I’m violent; I’m angry.  What is the need of an idea?  It is not the idea of being angry; it’s the actual fact of being angry that is important, like the actual fact of being hungry.  There’s no idea about being hungry.  The idea then comes as to what you should eat, and then according to the dictates of pleasure, you eat.  There is only action with regard to what is when there is no idea of what should be done about that which confronts you, which is what is.  

November 15th, 2019 ~ This idea of facing facts is at the heart of meditation for Krishnamurti.  Being still with the fact of what is: angry, fear, anxiety, etc.  We, instead, act.  Just do it!  Imagine if we stay with our anger, not judge it, not run away from it or indulge in it.  Just stay with it.  See how our mind  wants to deal with it this way or that way.  It is all right here in K’s video: What is Guilt?  This technique helps with not only guilt but other emotions like anger and fear.  The writer highly recommends that you take the 35 minutes to watch it.  Commit yourself to watch it in full.  How much time is your SOUL worth?  Definitely 35 minutes!!!  You will be begin to see that you are your anger, fear, jealousy, etc.  That you are not separate.   There is nothing to get rid of.  That these emotions that you were running away from are quite valuable and full of energy.  Please watch it and let me know if you have any questions or comments.  See how you can relate it to work, as well.  Enjoy!


As in most posts on Zentrepreneurial.com, italicization of words refers to the words of either Jiddu Krishnamurti or Albert Low.  The website writer’s words are in regular text.

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