Month: December 2019

Real Education

July 18th ~ The mind creates through experience, tradition, memory.  Can the mind be free from storing up, though it is experiencing?  You understand the difference?  What is required is not the cultivation of memory but the freedom from the accumulative process of the mind. You hurt me, which is an experience; and I store …

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Meeting Sorrow

July 24th ~ How do you meet sorrow?  I’m afraid that most of us meet it very superficially.  Our education, our training, our knowledge, the sociological influences to which we are exposed, all make us superficial.  A superficial mind is one that escapes to the church, to some conclusion, to some concept, to some belief …

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Evading Sorrow

July 25th ~ Most of us have sorrow in different forms–in relationship, in the death of someone, in not fulfilling oneself and withering away to nothing, or in trying to achieve, trying to become something, and meeting with total failure.  And there is the whole problem of sorrow on the physical side–illness, blindness, incapacitation, paralysis, …

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