What to Do About It

Do I want the feeling wiped away?  

Do I want everything magically cleaned up &/or taken away?

Go this way or that way–different approaches or look at it as if for the very first time?

Motive–background knowledge or no motive?

Visualizing the end result–although clear, I still have my life.  This isn’t going to solve my problems–cleaning–not to say I shouldn’t clean–memories of past cleaning come up.  There is still stuff to do.  Time is a constraint–the place is still cluttered so Space is an issue.

What is a problem?  Something propelled at you.  This is not propelled at me.  I can see this as a fact.  I haven’t kept my space clean–I’ve held onto things over the years–it’s a fact!

I think about stressors from the future impacting this–what’s the point, given the “year of the rat and year of the ox coming up ( These Chinese animal years aren’t compatible for me necessarily, since I am horse)  More of the Why?  Which is background knowledge.

What other facts can I see?


  1. Ceaning
  2. Holding onto to things

How you approach 

  • without any background knowledge which is motive
  • So no time, thought, fear

Conditioning–since childhood, our brain is conditioned in problems.  Can we see this as a fact?  Do I have to review this every time,  or once I see it, I get it?  Will it stick?


Disagreement with my girlfriend over cleaning the cottage.  It escalates.  I feel threatened &/or any # of emotions & I feel like I have to answer–I feel compelled to answer.  (like a problem)

But in actuality, it’s not a problem.  Whatever I say won’t solve the issue. 

I still have to do the work.  I feel resistance to do it.  She may feel relief if I say I’ll do it–but not completely.  It is not a problem.  It is a fact.

So right there, I can see how my brain is conditioned in problems–I feel compelled at times to answer, even when it is a fact–a fact can’t be gotten over.

We think we know.  We think we should know.  We think too much; thus, we have trouble with direct experience.  

I see how our brain is conditioned in problems–Can I un-condition the brain?  Is the Observer separate from my anxiety, guilt, regret, resistance, uncertainty, sorrow, disappointment, frustration?

Is the Observer & my Quality the same?  I am my Quality?  My Uncertainty?  Or is my Uncertainty different from me?

Can we sit with our Quality?  Observe it?  Is there any separation between the two?  Attention, No Conflict, No Effort.  No Contradiction.

How can we have a relationship with ourselves?

More to come. . . . View this blog entry about Joy and comments about Time and Joy Desire.

(Note:  I utilized concepts and techniques from Krishnamurti, including those in the video: “What is Guilit?” as well as concepts from Steve Hagen.  I used them while working on my issue around Cleaning and Holding Onto Things.


As in most posts on, italicization of words refers to the words of either Jiddu Krishnamurti or Albert Low.  The website writer’s words are in regular text.

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