Elimination of Fear Is the Beginning of Attention

June 13th ~ How is the state of attention to be brought about?  It cannot be cultivated through persuasion, comparison, reward, or punishment, all of which are forms of coercion.  The elimination of fear is the beginning of attention.  Fear must exist as long as there is an urge to be or to become, which is the pursuit of success, with all its frustrations and tortuous contradictions.  You can teach concentration, but attention cannot be taught, just as you cannot possibly teach freedom from fear, and in understanding these causes there is the elimination of fear.  So attention arises spontaneously when around the student there is an atmosphere of well-being, when he has the feeling of being secure, of being at ease, and is aware of the disinterested action that comes with love.  Love does not compare, and so the envy and torture of “becoming” cease.  

January 24th, 2020 ~ Krishnamurti says that attention and freedom from fear can’t be taught.  We have to do it ourselves.  People like K model for us, but we have to do it ourselves.


As in most posts on Zentrepreneurial.com, italicization of words refers to the words of either Jiddu Krishnamurti or Albert Low.  The website writer’s words are in regular text.

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