Energy Creates Its Own Discipline

June 1st ~ To seek reality requires immense energy; and if man is not doing that, he dissipates his energy in ways that create mischief, and therefore society has to control him.  Now, is it possible to liberate energy in seeking God or truth and, in the process of discovering what is true, to be a citizen who understands the fundamental issues of life and whom society cannot destroy?

You see, man is energy, and if man does not seek truth, this energy becomes destructive; therefore society controls and shapes the individual, which smothers this energy. . . .And perhaps you have noticed another interesting and very simple fact: that the moment you really want to do something, you have the energy to do. . . .  That very energy becomes the means of controlling itself, so you don’t need outside discipline.  In the search for reality energy creates its own discipline.  The man who is seeking reality spontaneously becomes the right kind of citizen, which is not according to the pattern of any particular society or government.

February 5th, 2020 ~  This is relevant to me.  There are a number of examples I can reference, including personal experiences and also where people told me or I read in books.  I am not sure I have the elbow room to write about this other than to say I agree.


As in most posts on, italicization of words refers to the words of either Jiddu Krishnamurti or Albert Low.  The website writer’s words are in regular text.

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