Month: March 2020

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Each of these ideas is the energized core of a unique design for a business.  The exploitation of each idea requires a comprehensive intellectual grasp of the totality of a business viewed as an interacting system.”  The task demands “special intellectual ability to visualize the translation of ideas and strategies into controlled operating systems responsive …

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Technology—Not the Solution to Our Problems

Hello everyone.  I wanted to write about technology.  We are being exposed to new technology, both in person that we use everyday,  but also technology in the news.  Even though it is necessary to live–we sure are seeing what happens when we don’t have necessary technology to keep us alive, it isn’t the answer to …

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Much of the work done at middle and senior management level, much of the consultation work, is simply the expression of ideas in a verbal form through reports, financial statements, contracts, and decisions.  The result that ensues from the work of a financial, engineering, or industrial relations consultant is no less a product than the …

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