Zen & Creative Management

A blog devoted to the book Zen & Creative Management by Albert Low. By blogging about this author’s work, my hope is to generate creative ideas about bringing spirit into the workplace.

Page 21

On the contrary, “so far from being controlled by the market, the firm to the best of its ability has made the market subordinate to the goals of its planning.”  Galbraith is equally categorical when he says that profit maximization is no longer necessary. The second difference in management theory is exemplified in the writings …

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Page 14

Figure 2 shows a set of interacting forces.  Some tend toward the center.  These are the integrative forces;the forces of survival.  They are the manifestation of the unity of will.  Those that tend toward the periphery manifest the expression of Will.  Everything is pressing out to being itself to the full.  This “pressing out,” this …

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