Zen & Creative Management

A blog devoted to the book Zen & Creative Management by Albert Low. By blogging about this author’s work, my hope is to generate creative ideas about bringing spirit into the workplace.


“I look at Zen not as a religion but as a way of thinking, and at scientific breakthrough–the joy of creating something–as a form of enlightenment.” Albert Low Author “Conflict is the very source of creation; thus, what is most to be feared by the company that wants its management to remain creative, is loss …

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The Economy, Spirituality & Business

Modern capitalism is absolutely irreligious without internal union, without much public spirit, often, though not always, a mere congeries of possessors and pursuers. Maynard Keynes Economist Are we confronted with a tragic, insolvable dilemma? Must we produce a sick people in order to have a healthy economy, or can we use our material resources, our …

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Shareholder, Customer, Employee–The Basic Triad

Chapter 1: Shareholder, Employee, Customer: The Basic Triad A company is a multidimensional system capable of growth, expansion, and self-regulation.  A system can be defined as a set of independent but mutually related elements. The different jobs or functions in a company are the “independent elements”; each has its own reason for being; each is …

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