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A blog devoted to the book Zen & Creative Management by Albert Low. By blogging about this author’s work, my hope is to generate creative ideas about bringing spirit into the workplace.

Page 9

It is through the shareholder that society sanctions what the company wishes to do.  Society says, “Yes, you may do that,” when money is invested in a company.  Perhaps the principal difference between a free and socialist economy is the mechanism by which this social assent or commitment is made.  In a controlled economy, a …

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The market will also balance short-term against long-term considerations in the same way that the employees and shareholders make such considerations.  If the market does not get its needs satisfied in one way, it will seek alternative ways.  This is the same as saying that the market invests or commits its need to a particular …

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Page 7

So much so is this the case that financial analysts, who are the counterpart of employment placement centers, are sometimes called upon for assistance to make the move easier.  Management is passing into the hands of professional managers; likewise financial investment is passing to an increasing degree into the hands of professional investors, and a …

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Will is the urge in everything toward self-actualization.  Everything is pressing out toward being itself to the fullest.  Everything seeks to express itself.  This self-expression rises through interaction of what we shall call structure and process.  It also arises through two trends: one toward the center and the other toward the periphery; one toward greater …

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In industry, “growth” commonly means but one things: to get bigger.  Success is equated with size, rationalized as economy of scale, and projected as a national faith through the G.N.P. index.  Hollywood, Broadway, General Motors, and more recently the conglomerates are the result.  A balloon, as it is blown up, gets bigger–but this is not …

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